How to become a Golf Coach

Our qualifications are accredited and audited by EDI.

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- Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA)
- Department for Education, Lifelong Learning and Skills in Wales (DELLS)
- Council for the Curriculum Examinations and Assessment in Northern Ireland (CCEA)



Our philosophy is based entirely on achieving results.

We believe an outstanding coach should be able to guarantee success.

We believe that only by first assessing and understanding the client's real wants and needs can you guarantee success.

We believe you need a structured process to guarantee success.

We believe that only those who set out to become coaches and love helping others truly have the potential to be successful.

We believe that a coach’s communication skills which include their listening skills are the most important skills they need to acquire.

We believe that knowing how people learn is a fundamental essential in the coaches tool box.

We believe the current structure of 30 minute lessons is fundamentally flawed and will rarely deliver results.

We have thoroughly researched over decades the most important aspects of teaching and coaching, golf swing technology, sports psychology, Neuro Linguistic Programming, accelerated learning, non-directive coaching, peak mental performance, energy tapping, kinesiology, golf biomechanics, Alexander technique, nutrition and other unique information offering you the opportunity to achieve phenomenal results in a fraction of the usual time.

We use a totally different approach to any other organisation focusing on first raising your awareness of how having outstanding coaching skills massively increases both you and your clients potential for success. Once you have acquired these easy to learn skills we then introduce the true facts of good golf swing techniques that will allow you to accelerate the learning of a beginner, and deal with the intricacies of helping a tour player.

You can do this now you have the desire, passion and are ready to take action in starting in the right direction.

Gaining certification and joining the World Golf Teaching Federation of Great Britain and Ireland guarantees life will never be the same.

Benefits of becoming a golf coach

You can do it

  • The only qualifications you need are your passion and your enthusiasm
  • You don't need to be a tour player, the more you are like your clients, the deeper the rapport
  • The time is right, the demand for quality lessons is astronomic
  • Enjoy the backing and support of the largest, most proactive golf coaching organisation in the world
  • Working in an environment where people want to be helped


  • Turning your dream into a reality
  • Changing your life forever to bring you the satisfaction you deserve
  • Working outdoors, living a longer happier life, stress free in the fresh air
  • Setting your own income and earning as much as you want
  • Enjoying the perfect lifestyle

Be in the driving seat of your own life

  • Taking control of your destiny
  • Self employed – own boss, operating your own business
  • Freedom and flexibility to work when you want, to travel and work anywhere in the world

Self esteem

  • Realising your full potential
  • Receiving recognition from those you help
  • Receiving the satisfaction from helping others and gaining enjoyment from other peoples pleasure
  • Making a difference – leave your mark in the world
  • Enjoying the thrill and satisfaction of changing peoples lives for the better
  • Becoming someone people want to meet and talk to because of your golfing and coaching expertise
  • Nothing is stopping you from becoming one of the worlds top golf experts

Learn and improve yourself

  • Your passion and enthusiasm mean that you can learn these new skills at phenomenal rate
  • Improve your own game beyond recognition as you make the journey


  • Meet like minded people and meet people from all walks of life relishing the friendships they bring


  • Play more golf
  • Love what you do and have fun doing what you love



"The WGTF of GB teachers training course was a revelation, all aspects of the golf game were covered in a step by step formula, that not only teaches you how to teach golf, but how to communicate, have empathy with your peers and is a fountain of knowledge, for those seeking to pass on the gift of teaching golf."

Michael Dwyer