Improve your business by employing WGTF of GB & I Coaches


Whether you are a proprietor, director or manager there is a solution. WGTF of GB & I coaches undergo extensive training to understand the operator's needs when offering their services. Coaches are advised to fully research any opportunity before offering a proposal that helps the operators with a problem, increase the professionalism and customer perception or increase revenue and turnover.

WGTF of GB & I coaches understand that it is the operator's business and they must bring something to the table from which the operators can profit.

Being aware of the "operators" needs allows them to design and market programs that work hand in hand to build the type of business required.

Unless you have a specific contractual task in mind the WGTF of GB & I coach will rarely want any financial support as they are entrepreneurial in their approach.

Any operator looking for a coach whether they have specific requirements or not can contact our office and we will send you the profiles of those interested or even conduct interviews for you resulting in a short list or one coach being sent for your final approval.

WGTF of GB & I coaches usually have a broader range of skills than most and may offer niche services that would help develop your business. They may be club fitters, retailers, green keepers, golf club secretaries or have synergistic talents that you may find useful.



Our qualifications are accredited and audited by EDI.

EDI works in collaboration with industry, governments, universities and professional bodies around the world to ensure its qualifications and assessments are accredited, recognised and relevant.

- Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA)
- Department for Education, Lifelong Learning and Skills in Wales (DELLS)
- Council for the Curriculum Examinations and Assessment in Northern Ireland (CCEA)


"The WGTF of GB teachers training course was a revelation, all aspects of the golf game were covered in a step by step formula, that not only teaches you how to teach golf, but how to communicate, have empathy with your peers and is a fountain of knowledge, for those seeking to pass on the gift of teaching golf."

Michael Dwyer