Improve your business by employing WGTF of GB & I Coaches

Our qualifications are accredited and audited by EDI.

EDI works in collaboration with industry, governments, universities and professional bodies around the world to ensure its qualifications and assessments are accredited, recognised and relevant.

- Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA)
- Department for Education, Lifelong Learning and Skills in Wales (DELLS)
- Council for the Curriculum Examinations and Assessment in Northern Ireland (CCEA)


How could a WGTF of GB & I coach increase my membership?

A WGTF of GB & I coach is well aware that you may want to increase the membership at your golf club and depending on the type of people you require will be constantly looking for new ways to fulfil your goals.

How could a WGTF of GB & I coach increase my profits?

A WGTF of GB & I coach is well aware that you may want to increase the profits at your golf club and will constantly be looking for new and better ways to increase profit.

How will a WGTF of GB & I coach differ from a coach from another association?

They should not but our training specifically has the proprietor in mind at all times.

Do you have any marketing material that the coach / we can use to promote his / her services?

Your WGTF of GB & I coach will be thoroughly conversant in the use of point of sale materials, lead generation tools and referral systems that will help your business grow.

Will the coach work full or part time?

The WGTF of GB & I will fulfil any of your requirements.

What evidence can you show me that the WGTF of GB & I coach has been trained to a high standard?

Research our recommended coach sections and both our client and management charters

I would want a coach to provide other auxillary services. What can they offer?

Our coaches have many varied and synergistic skills just ask us what you are looking for and we will offer a solution

How do I get in touch with a WGTF of GB & I coach?

Through our head office

Will I be charged for an initial consultation with him to see how we get on and to establish how he can help my business?

A WGTF coach will supply you with a written proposal concerning your wishes

In the unlikely event that I am not happy with the coach provided by the WGTF of GB & I, what should I do?

We will always be pleased to help resolve any such unlikely event.

Can I take a WGTF of GB & I coach on for a short trial period?

Any contract is up to your own negotiation.



"The WGTF of GB teachers training course was a revelation, all aspects of the golf game were covered in a step by step formula, that not only teaches you how to teach golf, but how to communicate, have empathy with your peers and is a fountain of knowledge, for those seeking to pass on the gift of teaching golf."

Michael Dwyer