How will our WGTF of GB & I Coach
improve your game?

Our qualifications are accredited and audited by EDI.

EDI works in collaboration with industry, governments, universities and professional bodies around the world to ensure its qualifications and assessments are accredited, recognised and relevant.

- Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA)
- Department for Education, Lifelong Learning and Skills in Wales (DELLS)
- Council for the Curriculum Examinations and Assessment in Northern Ireland (CCEA)


How will he assess me?

The WGTF of GB & I coach follows a structured process designed to discover your individual needs and then offers solutions to fit you style.

How long do lessons last?

Lessons may vary from coach to coach but your WGTF of GB & I coach will usually make sure you can take the improvement home, so lessons will tend to be longer in length than usual but the fun is still guaranteed. 

I am 84 and have enjoyed many years of golf but do now have some mobility problems. Can a coach help me?

WGTF of GB & I coaches are trained to help you in any way they can in the mannner that suits you.

How can I give feedback on a WGTF of GB & I coach?

We would love you to send feedback to us using the card supplied by your coach at the time of the lesson or by filling out the on-line feedback form.

I am a junior golfer. How do I know that he can help me?

The intensive training guarantees your WGTF of GB & I coach will be able to understand your needs.

My main problem is putting. Can he help me?

Each and every coach undergoes thorough training in every aspect of the game and will amaze you with their ability to help you with your putting challenges.

I may have a problem with my clubs. Will he be able to advise me?

All coaches have undergone specific training in club fitting and some run exclusive club fitting businesses.

How much does it cost? Are there any reductions for block bookings?

The WGTF of GB & I is trained to offer a variety of value for money programs with their portfolio of services.

What evidence can you show me that the WGTF of GB & I coach has been trained to a high standard?

Visit the previous pages and any of the profiles to discover the extent of any of our coaches training and knowledge.

How do I get in touch with a WGTF of GB & I coach?

Just use our postcode service and use the details supplied.

In the unlikely event that I am not happy with the coach provided by the WGTF of GB & I, what should I do?

All recommended coaches guarantee your satisfaction or your money back. You can also fill out the feedback form or call us direct and we will help you in any way we can.

Can I use a WGTF of GB & I coach for a short trial period?

Many coaches will offer initial consultations for free or at greatly reduced rates.

Some coaches use a video to help coaching. Do WGTF of GB & I coaches use this method?

All recommended coaches offer video feedback as standard.

What guarantees can you offer that a WGTF of GB & I coach will improve my game?

All our WGTF of GB & I coaches are results orientated and they succeed because of the quality and intensity of their training. Remember all recommended coaches guarantee your satisfaction or your money back.



"The WGTF of GB teachers training course was a revelation, all aspects of the golf game were covered in a step by step formula, that not only teaches you how to teach golf, but how to communicate, have empathy with your peers and is a fountain of knowledge, for those seeking to pass on the gift of teaching golf."

Michael Dwyer