How will our WGTF of GB & I Coach improve
your game?

Our qualifications are accredited and audited by EDI.

EDI works in collaboration with industry, governments, universities and professional bodies around the world to ensure its qualifications and assessments are accredited, recognised and relevant.

- Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA)
- Department for Education, Lifelong Learning and Skills in Wales (DELLS)
- Council for the Curriculum Examinations and Assessment in Northern Ireland (CCEA)


The WGTF of GB & I have surveyed thousands of golfers like you discovering many consistent failings of old, traditional methods of teaching golf. They include:

  • Confusing information
  • Inconsistent information
  • Too much information
  • Lessons too expensive
  • No allowance for age or mobility
  • Results not instant
  • Poor customer service
  • Limited success
  • Limited opportunity for playing lessons
  • Unrealistic practise expectations compared to the client's available time and motivation
  • Lack of confidence in their own ability to achieve any change
  • Video lessons not offered

Our two challenges were therefore to address and solve the issues raised by the survey and then create a system to monitor that our coaches are delivering the solutions successfully so you can enjoy a far superior result orientated service, guaranteed. We met our first challenge with the following solutions.

The solutions were to train our coaches to:

  • Deliver information that is clearly understood and links specifically with the challenge in hand
  • Guarantee the client achieves their goal when playing golf, not just with one shot on the range
  • Maximise their communication skills so all information is clearly understood
  • Offer unique programmes with exceptional value
  • Be flexible when considering any change, always with the client in mind
  • Deliver quality customer service at all times
  • Set expectations in-line with the client's individual potential, so all sessions will achieve their agreed objective
  • Help the client understand they can achieve anything they are committed to achieving
  • Offer video recording services if required

The second challenge was to make sure we communicated with you directly, receiving feedback as to how well our coaches were achieving your goals and then to deliver this information in an open format so anyone could evaluate our results orientated service.

We also believed you should know exactly what training our coaches have completed to achieve their status and what continual training they are committing to so they can sustain and improve their performance.

So we did two things for you:

  • Created the find a coach feature including the coach's profile
  • Created the post card and on-line feedback system with the results linked to your coach's profile

If you don't come into contact with one of our coaches through a referral you can use our 'find a coach' feature to make an informed decision on when to book your first session and then deliver feedback to other potential clients on the service you received.

What other services have we designed for you on the customer service front?

  • Quantified certification levels, so you know what to expect
  • Client Charter
  • Guaranteed results when using a Recommended Coach
  • WGTF of GB & I seminars on specific subjects
  • WGTF of GB & I game improvement courses
  • Regular tips available on web site



"The WGTF of GB teachers training course was a revelation, all aspects of the golf game were covered in a step by step formula, that not only teaches you how to teach golf, but how to communicate, have empathy with your peers and is a fountain of knowledge, for those seeking to pass on the gift of teaching golf."

Michael Dwyer