Frequently Asked Questions

You will definetly be good enough to achieve results better than most in the industry after the seven-day course. Whether you will be good enough to sustain an income may depend on your previous experience but you will understand completely the benchmarks you need to achieve to be a successful coach and the WGTF of GB & I will be with you all the way if you need us.

There are no requirements for handicap and you certainly don’t need to be a member of a golf club.

There are definitely nowhere near enough and this area offers huge opportunities. We are always looking to work with people from different cultures and backgrounds to ensure their is more diversity in the game.

There are no limits to what you can earn other than the ones you set.

Many of our applicants are those who had the dreams years ago but never followed through and now regret it. 

We can help get you up to speed if you haven’t practiced for a while, as long as the fundamentals are there.

We do advise doing the 7-days together as it means you can make quick and consistent progress with no distractions.

You can become an outstanding coach using the full package program. By taking advantage of this, you position yourself as an expert and as long as you are able to communicate and market yourself, you can earn a decent living.

You will have an opportunity to retake many aspects of the course whilst you are with us for the week. There are only two areas which will require you to return and retake the course if you fail them during your week with us. They are the “Lesson Exam” and “Overall Performance”. Feel at ease though, as you may retake the entire course for just £200, (plus accommodation). In fact many coaches who pass choose to return and repeat the course for this incredibly low price just to get the additional benefits and learning.

You can certainly learn to coach and help golfers in 7 days. The more experience you bring with you, such as lessons you have had, other sports you have coached, life experiences, customer service, etc will be to your advantage and will mean you leave with the ability to give a great golf lesson after completing the course. If you are a high handicap golfer who has had no lessons and little or no other relevant expertise, then it may take you a year or two to become a great golf coach. No matter how little or how much experience or qualifications you have, we will work closely with you to help and advise you to achieve your dreams. This is the place to start, the route to your success.

To improve you must first have knowledge and skills and then you must apply them, take action now. You will undoubtedly learn many new skills and gain enormous amounts of fascinating and exciting information on the course. Indeed it is common for our coaches to have life changing experiences during the week. When you take what you learn on the course and apply it to your own golf game, change and improvement will inevitably follow. We are no longer surprised, but always delighted when a client’s game undergoes a transformation from being on the course.

This may be redone while on course.

Yes, we do and we are very proud of the many members over the age of 50 that are actively teaching and promoting the game.

Nothing worth having comes easy, but when you qualify you will have all the resources necessary to be earning over £25k within a year. If you do not reach this initial target, we will be there to help and advise you. With experience your earning potential is limitless.

The WGTF of GB & I and other associations are separate companies. Other associations train golfers to become professionals of golf clubs. The WGTF of GB & I specialise in training you to be a golf coach.

Of course we do, some have a strong brand image but in our opinion the lack of competition afforded to them have slowed the growth in coaching.

A. The WGTF of GB & I relies on your maturity and on your possession of skills and talents evolved with experience.
B. We believe our training is far more intensive,
C. from what we know without attending, their training includes much of the necessary training to also become a club playing professional.
D. It takes just seven days to obtain our level 3 qualification.
E. the investment in our level 3 has been as little as £497. We currently believe, to complete the level 3 with some other associations could cost well over 10k.
F. train while in your current employment.
G. the WGTF of GB&I recognizes like government the advantages to the man on the street when monopolies are broken up.

This is and always will be at the discretion of the golf club secretary. Always have your membership card with you. Show the appropriate respect combined with quality rapport and many golf clubs will offer you this concession.

A. Send for our recommended book list.
B. Practice to improve your own game
C. Come with enthusiasm and an open enquiring mind.

You could enter the British Open if you qualify, or any other open for that matter. There are various tours you can play. There are also senior tour events available. We have our own World Teachers Cup, five days of intense competition. The WGTF of Great Britain & Ireland championship is held once a year in conjunction with our AGM. WGTF Federations around the world have annual competitions and the WGTF of GB & I stages a world event every two years.