your own golf franchise

Invest in your own golf franchise

Our system is designed for the individual who is self motivated and independent, however we have recognised that some like their success a little more guaranteed and everyone is always looking for great value.

The full package includes all our training courses necessary to attain the high standards required to become an outstanding coach as well as being capable of delivering the WGTF of GB & I Level 3 Diploma Certification course.

Whether you want to develop your own franchise, offering WGTF of GB & I coaching accreditations, work for the WGTF of GB & I delivering our courses or guarantee your success as an outstanding coach, you will want to take advantage of the incredible value offered by the full package.

It includes the personal attention of Peter Hudson when required. We believe you can reach these standards if you have the correct motivation and determination. It supplies you with all the essential equipment from Day 1 and supports you totally for a minimum of three years in your endeavours to attend any training, reaching the benchmarks required.

This format allows you to attend all of these trainings as often as you like until you fully understand each subject and are fully capable of demonstrating your outstanding coaching skills.

The marketing package is designed to support you, specifically help find you a place to coach and then ‘the marketing know how’ to grow your business rapidly. It includes specific marketing programmes; phone advice and three days support in the field.

The marketing package also includes a detailed web presence on our main website when you have attained all of the qualifications. This investment is a classic example of the tremendous value for money that all coaching services should offer and is a mark of the faith we have in your ability to succeed.