Annual online golf coaching



  • Initial 1-hour consultation
  • Unlimited video feedback and instruction using V1 app
  • Unlimited coaching and practice plans
  • Unlimited phone sessions and consultations
  • Monthly Zoom improvement seminar and Q&A session
  • Membership to the practice buddy group

Your investment is determined by the coach but you are free to choose any coach offering this service. When joining during the year a prorate payment will be agreed

How will you use your on-line coach?

We will fully discuss your goals, check and align their congruence and create coaching and practice plans which will deliver the desired results in the agreed time frames.

Additional opportunity:

Opportunity to upgrade to FREE lessons for life package

How do we do this?

Any physical change in your motion will be dealt with in the normal way. We will use the V1 app to record your current movements and to communicate any new techniques.
As the game of golf is 90% mental it is easy to imagine how we could discuss previous performance, analyse and suggest new strategies. We can also use this time to learn how to make better decisions on the course and manage our state in a more effective way. We may also discuss how we prepare for our game as well as the fundamental essential of a great pre- and post-shot routine.

If you want or even think you deserve to be playing better golf this is an extremely affordable way to work with someone you know will maximise your potential, then this is the way forward.