Our Promises and Guarantees

Client Charter

The client charter is designed to inform the client clearly of what services they can expect to receive and what level of customer service they should expect as standard. It is quite possible that the coach’s services and the service offered will exceed these expectations.

Minimum services offered at Golf Club

All clients whether visiting once or on long term improvement plans will be offered.

  • A Full assessment (to fully evaluate the client’s needs)
  • Monthly Email newsletter (improvement guidelines and information)
  • Monthly free swing check evening for all clients (min. once a month)
  • Weekly Skills College (2-hour session) 20 sessions repeated twice a year. (When demand sufficient)
  • Practice Buddy database enabling clients to help each other when practicing
  • Video Assessment available with every lesson
  • Lessons (of all variety 1-2-1 & group all offering exceptional value)
  • Playing lessons-group
  • Playing lessons-1-2-1

Where services are being offered at driving ranges or shops, similar services will be offered with the sanction and support of the WGTF of GB & I .

Client Service

  • The coach will agree all benchmarks with client
  • The coach will present each new client with his mission statement
  • All programs offer a more than money back guarantee
  • All coaches will present themselves in a manner befitting their professional status
  • Coaches will always coach with passion and enthusiasm with the client in mind at all times
  • Coach will always be on time
  • Mobile phone is switched off when coaching
  • Client is called day before lesson to remind them of appointment
  • Client is contacted within 7 days to check on progress and understanding
  • Client is contacted if not returned in 3 months
  • All coaches offering services will have recommended coach status