Practice buddy group

team up with like minded golfers

The Practive Buddy Group is a unique practice system, teaming up with like minded golfers near you to improve your golf beyond your dreams!

Factors guaranteeing your game improvement:

  1. Employing an outstanding coach, who will…..
  2. Develop your awareness through the use of quality feedback
  3. Elicit and adjust goals to be congruent with your motivation to achieve
  4. Choose the right correction for the right reason (cause and effect)
  5. Discover a philosophy/method/drill etc to replace the old habit with a new, more effective one
  6. Manage the absolute essential of quality practice, and by that we mean, acquire the new skill in an efficient, effective manner, in the shortest amount of time

Even some of the best coaches are oblivious to the power of No. 6. Before I created this process I discovered even when I was good at the first 5, my clients went away and practiced but did not return with the designated changes installed and this was even true of the better players. My first solution was to discourage any swing change practice without me. When we started using this process, only when the new movement became somewhat of a habit would the client go away and practice (over-learn or master the skill) on their own. This was successful but obviously quite expensive!

The question therefore is, knowing that being in partnership with a coach increases your chance of attaining your goal by as much as 50%, and how can you get the same success without paying unlimited amounts of money for hundreds of hours of coaching?

In all honesty you can’t, but you can get close! When you learn the basic, but highly effective skills of coaching using a set of carefully designed systems you can make more effective and even speedier progress in your own game you may never have thought possible!

All you then need is another like minded soul to join you when you practice using a managed process that will make both of you feel and act professionally and achieve the results you have always wanted. We would also like to make it clear when you follow the process it makes no difference when you find your practice whether you are a beginner or tour player!

When you follow this process you will maximise the outcome of your practice and also save time, money and the frustration of sessions that fail or work but fail when taken to the course.

The joint process will improve your awareness and ability to accept feedback effectively and massively advance your ability to focus on the task in hand. And it will cost you nothing!

If you want to advance your potential for game improvement to an even higher level you will opt for the coach-managed process, meaning a little extra investment in having a YOURGOLFACADEMY coach manage you game improvement project. YGA coaches are held to incredibly high benchmarks, so you will enjoy the privilege of an outstanding coach, guiding you through steps 1-5 and managing how you work with your practice buddy to fulfil your goal. To enjoy this service you enrol on the on-line annual service attached below.

The final option is to enrol on the FREE lessons for life option, also attached:

1. Silver

  • Details entered on practice buddy database
  • Town where you live
  • Driving range or golf course you use
  • Telephone/email address


  • Information regarding how practice helps you to acquire a skill
  • Practice buddy philosophies
  • How to guide awareness
  • How to give and receive quality feedback
  • Practice plans, including inner game info
  • List of coaching aids worth buying
  • Link to game improvement YouTube channel
  • EBook on how to help yourself play much better golf
  • Access to monthly on-line practice buddy improvement seminar hosted by listed World’s top 100 coach Peter Hudson (profile attached)
  • Access to annual training camp in UK
  • Invitation to play in annual practice buddy tournament in Alicante
  • This option will be Free until we have 10,000 enrolled on the service

2. Gold

Enrol with a local coach to the annual online package who will manage all aspects of your game improvement goals. When you enrol on this package you will receive constant unlimited feedback on your work with your practice buddies and all sessions will be managed pre and post by your coach.

Investment is set by the coach you chose

3. Platinum

Enrol on the FREE lessons for life program

Investment is set by the coach you chose