Your golf academy

Why insist on a yourgolfacademy

The yourgolfacademies exist to offer golfers a results orientated service. Meaning if you come for golf lessons to improve any aspect of your game we guarantee you will improve. Delivering these guaranteed improvements means our coaches are trained to some pretty exacting standards. Only when our coaches reach these exacting benchmarks do we feel 100% confident in recommending them to you, hence their status as recommended coaches.

All recommended coaches are always subject to public scrutiny and an overall customer satisfaction mark is kept on their profile (available through the ‘find a golf coach’ facility) and regularly updated. Every client has the opportunity to fill out the customer feedback form whether by hand copy or on-line.

At the very heart of our concept is our desire to discover as much about you, your goals and your current position so we can agree the route forward to guarantee success.

All of our academies operate a powerful set of customer promises and services while presenting an exciting range of set and tailor-made improvement packages all offering incredible value.

Listed here are the services, programs and equipment available under our client charter at any Yougrolfacademy.